Having such a huge love and passion for sports and competitive athletes I thought that Serena Jameka Williams would be the perfect fit for my eminent person. When I think about Serena Williams the first three words that pop into mind are determination, hard work, and passion. She was born on September 26th, 1981 in Saginaw Michigan. She grew up in the ruins of Compton, California. Williams had three half sisters until 2003 when Yetunde was fatally shot in a gang confrontation in Compton California. She also has a full sister, Venus Williams who competes with Serena in the doubles tournaments as well as plays in the singles tournaments. When Serena was 10 years old she was ranked number 1 among the u10 players in Florida, then later turned pro when she was just 14 years old. Living in such a poor environment Serena definitely had the passion and determination to keep playing and to continue to improve. With a record of 627 wins – 112 losses and a ranking of number 1 in the world for women’s tennis, Serena’s hard work definitely paid off.

When picking Serena Williams for my eminent person I knew instantly that I would be able to relate and write about her so easily. The main reason why I chose Serena was because her passion and determination towards tennis is beyond amazing. I always respect those who play with passion and love for their sport. Having such a love for the sports I play as well, I feel studying Serena will teach me a lot about always wanting to get better and never giving up because if you put in the hours and work you will get there someday. I am looking forward to going more in–depth into Serena Williams’ tennis life and personal life and learning about her as an individual. If you’d like to learn a little bit about Serena Williams check out her website: http://serenawilliams.com

During Eminent some goals that I would like to accomplish are:

1) Learn about Serena’s life on and off the court

2) Follow her foot-steps by being determined to always improve and to always have passion when competing

3) To use my blog more effectively during this in-depth study

Here are some of Serena’s greatest on court moments for anyone that is interested


For some off court action, check out Serena’s Twitter :



4 thoughts on “#eminentperson2013

  1. Hola Nadia,

    I love this post, it’s not just generically about your EP but rather how the two of you relate which makes it a much more personal post. Well done!


  2. Hello Nadia! ㅇㅅㅇ
    You picked a very interesting Eminent, and I’m excited to see what you’ll do for your speech about her! Do you have any ideas of a POV to do your speech from? From reading your post, I think her sister might be a good choice. (=^‥^=)

    What sport do you think you’d be most likely to break records with, if you haven’t already? ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

    – Sam

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks! I’m excited to see what I’m going to do with it as well! :p I have no idea for a POV yet, but I’ll take your suggestion into consideration :)

      Soccer for sure! :)

      Thanks again,

      Nadia :)

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