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Gather around folks … Night of the Notables is almost here and the stress level has gone through the roof. Students trying to plan learning centres, the last final rehearsals, and the scramble to find an interview. Fortunately for me, I have completed all of the above and I now wait for the 20th of November to finally showcase my learning on my eminent person, Serena Williams. I am very excited to see how the speeches will turn out as well as, the learning centres. This year, I have decided to go for a more interactive theme. My learning centre this year will be located in the hallway opposite from the talons classroom. I am planning on having tennis rackets and balls, a ping pong table, a video montage of her, and so miscellaneous items here and there. The rackets and balls will be on display considering the limited space, it wouldn’t be wise to have individuals be playing with life size tennis rackets and balls with such limited space. Therefore, I will be providing a ping-pong table to mimic the game in a smaller way. I will put one half against the wall and the other flat so, individuals can rally with themselves. Another component of my learning centre will be the video montage. I will put small clips of Serena’s matches in one video and keep it on replay the whole night, in order to show my audience how Serena Williams plays in matches against different opponents. Lastly, Some of the miscellaneous items I’ll be presenting will be some of her favourite things or things that she liked to do. That sums up my learning centre, I hope everyone looks forward to seeing it because I sure am excited to see everyone else’s!!

In addition, I think that eminent has been quite successful for me so far. I presented my speech in front of the class within the time limit as well as keeping my audience engaged the whole time. The process of writing my speech wasn’t to difficult either considering I had many different sources where I was able to gather up a good amount of facts to write a well organized speech. Which bring me to interview, luckily, I did not have to send very many emails for a response. In fact, I only sent one email! Moreover, I was able to gain a lot of background information about Serena that was difficult to find online or in literature. I was also able to use my blog really effectively, just how I wanted to in my goals. Another goal I have is to soon be as successful as Serena and do what I love to do for the rest of my life.


To Conclude, I’m excited for Night of the Notables and super excited to show off my learning. I hope everyone is as excited as I am :) ‘Till Wednesday everybody!

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