Night of the Notables

If I was to describe the Night of the Notables in one word I would pick successful. The reason why I chose successful is because I think that the TALONS classes worked extremely well together to make this night run
so smoothly. The grade tens did an outstanding job with their performances and started the night off well. Although us grade nines didn’t perform their speeches, the learning centres that we produced were quite remarkable as well. However, before 7pm there was a lot of work being done to make the night as successful as it was.

The minute I stepped into the classroom I knew it was going to be a long day. Students diligently working on their learning centres, people straggling in with boxes of props and materials, last minute rehearsals, and absolute chaos. After the bell, we made a schedule of things that needed to be done before the night began and when we needed to complete those tasks. One that was finished we had focus time until lunch for finishing or making our learning centre better. During focus time, I finished up some last minute committee work. Which consisted of making name tags for the TALONS alumni and ¬†making sure everyone knew where they were for their learning centre. I also decided to print about some fun facts and pictures about Serena Williams to spice up my learning centre a little bit more. All in all, it was a pretty relaxing morning … for me at least. Once the lunch bell rang, we all eagerly left the classroom to go for lunch and relax before the big night. Although it was lunch time, I still remember being so stressed out about all the work that needed to be done after school, however, I tried my best to ignore those thoughts and enjoy the rest of my afternoon. The afternoon was speeding by and the night was getting closer and closer. Once that bell rang for dismissal it was show time. We all met in the classroom for attendance and began to work. First thing on the list, set up MPR. We were assigned to roll the lunch tables out, set up chairs, and make sure that there were aisles for people to walk through. That was job was done effectively and efficiently. Next up, setting up our learning centres. We entered in heats into the classroom to retrieve our stuff so that it wouldn’t be a photo 3-2complete madhouse in the TALONS class. Once I got my stuff I headed for my area and began to set up. My learning centre consisted of 5 tennis rackets (2 on display, 3 in the bag), a tennis bag, tennis balls, a tennis hat, jellybeans (her favourite candy), fun facts, and laptop playing highlights of one of her matches. My hands on activity was ping pong. I chose ping pong because i thought it would a neat way to kind of mimic tennis in a miniature way. Once I completed setting up, I used the rest of my time to help my peers with their learning centres and also browsing around at others to see what kind of ideas everyone had for their learning centre and it was actually quite cool. After everyone was done with their learning centres it was finally dinner time! The time I was waiting for the whole day. For dinner we had pasta, garlic bread, and salad. All so delicious, dinner was by far the best part of the day. Once dinner was over which by the way I was upset about, we began to get the welcoming table out and make sure our learning centres were in order. The night was 30 minutes away and people were beginning to pile in. It was 15 minutes until showtime and we all began to take our seats. It was happening, the Night of the Notables was finally starting and I was so proud of what we had accomplished to make this night happen. We all took our seats and watched the grade 10 speeches.

The speeches left me speechless! The grade tens did a fabulous job and kept the audience entertained the entire time. Everyone just presented with such confidence and it made each and every one of their speeches that much more powerful. I was astonished with the amount of work and effort they put in to make their speeches that good. My personal favourite would have to be Kyler’s speech. He did his eminent person on Jim Henson, the creator of the muppet show. His was my favourite because I thought that Kyler did a really job of
staying in character and keeping the audience entertained the whole time. I especially liked how he made it the theme really fun and relaxed. Well done :)

photo 4-1
After the speeches, it was learning centre time! At first I was a little nervous of answering questions that I was soon to be asked. I knew about Serena quite well but I was afraid of not being able to organize my knowledge about Serena in a solid answer. My first person was approaching and I was a little jittery. However, all my worries floated away when I began to get more and more visitors, and I was answering questions smoothly. I was happy that everyone who left my centre got a little bit of new information about Serena Williams. I was really happy with my learning centre and all the work that I had put in to make it successful. If there was one thing I would change for next time it would be to test my computer first. This is because I had to go through 2 laptops before having one actually work. Other than that however, I was happy with how my learning centre turned out.

As the night came to an end, everybody was happy that it was all over but I also think that everyone was extremely happy with how everything turned out and how all our hard work payed off. I enjoyed the experience very much and for my first Night of the Notables I would say that it was a hit! I guess all I have left to say is … Until next year everybody!

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