In-Depth Post #3

We are getting closer and closer to In-Depth Night and I honestly can’t to see everyone’s hard work and dedication pay off! As most of you guys know by now, this year I chose to study and learn how to box. It’s funny, before I chose boxing I initially was going to learn how to play piano. After one try I knew that it wasn’t for me so, I decided to go into a category I actually enjoy and can learn in 5 months. That is when I chose to learn something from the family of sports. Moreover, I have never regretted that decision because I am just loving boxing. My progress is going absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to keep improving and learning more and more skills and techniques. Thanks to my mentor Joel, I love going into the gym and working so hard until I can’t move anymore. He has definitely gave me a new love for the sport and I’m so thankful to have him as my mentor. Furthermore, I am currently going into the gym once a week for about 2 and half to 3 hours at a time, however, I am planning on splitting the time up between two days once my schedule opens up a bit more as I also have soccer at the time. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to keep learning and training hard!

I always look forward to seeing my mentor, Joel because he always brightens my day and I always learn so much from him. During our “mentor sessions” I think what is going really well for us is that he always gives me feedback on how I am doing. He is constantly telling the things I am doing right as well as the things I can improve on which I appreciate a lot. These things help because then I know what to focus on next time I am in the gym. Another thing that is going well for us is that he is always prepared on what to say and usually stays on topic the whole time which makes the session short yet effective. Overall, I’m happy with how things are going so far and I hope that my ship continues to sail smoothly!

Even though everything is going as planned so far there is always room for improvement in everything. Particularly there are 3 main things that I think need improvement during my mentor sessions. First, I would like to feel a bit more comfortable around my mentor and more relaxed because I always think that is important in a coach or mentor in this case and player relationship. Second, I need to start asking more questions and be more confident around Joel. I think it is important that I don’t feel the need to hide anything from him considering I am interacting with him for 5 months. Lastly, I think it would help if I understood the sport a bit better. Although I already know how it works, I would like to know a bit more about the background therefore, sparking up new questions I can ask him if I feel the need to. Moreover, by using those three strategies I think everything will continue to work well for Joel and I.

Just talking about these strategies won’t do me anything unless I actually have a plan on how I plan to improve the mentor sessions. Therefore, I have come up with a mini action plan to help me improve my interactions with my mentor, Joel. First, I plan on making the meeting a bit longer so I  can keep getting to know him better and better and therefore, I will be able to feel more comfortable and relaxed around him. In addition to making the session longer, it will help us find more things to ask questions about boxing and not boxing related. Finally, I plan to research the history and background of boxing as I think it will help me understand the language of the sport when Joel is talking about boxing. To conclude, I’m excited to put my action plan in action and improve the little things between our mentor sessions. Moreover, I hope that everyone is going through an excellent experience with their mentors!

Talk to you guys soon 🙂

Document of Learning – Christopher Columbus

As you may have heard before, History is the memory of states and what we remember or read about History is different to everyone. Moreover, as years pass historians find missing puzzle pieces to place in the big picture, or the big idea. I belive that History is interpreted and will always be interpreted in many different ways and there is really no wrong way to look at History. This is because no one really knows what went down back then as nobody was present at the time of Christopher Columbus. To add on, my question is not about Columbus but about the Indigenous groups he encountered on his voyage to find gold. Although the Indigenous groups were not a threat to Columbus in anyway, they were still killed and taken advantage of. In relation to this, why were the Indigenous groups so kind and generous to Columbus if they looked wealthier and more of a threat to the them?


The picture above shows that right away the Indigenous groups did not hesitate to greet and welcome Christopher Columbus and his crew. Even though Columbus had weapons and a huge ship, the Indigenous groups felt that it was in their need to show hospitality towards Columbus and his crew members because they had no food or resources. Moreover, When the Indigenous groups helped Columbus, they became very vulnerable and were easily taken advantage of. After Columbus realized he could control the Indigenous groups, he captured them as his slaves or killed them and stole all their food and resources. For what? Nothing, the Indigenous groups did nothing to harm Columbus; in fact, they helped him, and were repaid with the worst treatment anyone could have endured. Which leads me back to my question of why? Why such cruel behaviour over people that posed no threat to you? In the end, this question will always remain unanswered because of the lack of proof and witnesses yet, we all have our own inferences that may or maybe correct but still unknown.

The reason I chose to ask a question about the Indigenous groups is because when discussing the book Howard Zenn wrote in class, I felt that the Indigenous groups were in the background and that we didn’t get a full explanation on why they were so generous. Now, I am aware that it is part of their culture however, it will always remain unclear  to me. Moreover, I think that even though the Indigenous groups were ranked a lower class than Columbus, Columbus had no right to treat them so poorly after they helped him. In addition, in our world today “Aboriginal” groups are still looked as below everyone else which I think is very wrong because we are discriminating people we don’t even know. To conclude, I believe that everyone should be treated equally in life because everyone has rights and it is our duty to respect their rights.

I am really enjoying these in class discussions and I can’t wait for more to come 🙂

In-Depth Post #2

In-depth is finally underway and TALONS students are meeting with their mentor, learning new things about their skill that they want to learn, and already learning basic fundamentals from their skills. If you don’t know already, I’m planning on taking these next 5 months and learning the basic skills and techniques of the art of boxing and kickboxing. As far as my mentor goes, I am lucky enough to have one of my close friends that already know how to box. Since one of my goals during this 5 month study is to expand my connections throughout my city and everyday life, I have asked my friends boxing coach if he could mentor me for the next 5 months. Moreover, my mentor, Joel Zapata started boxing when he was around my age (14 or 15) and he loved it ever since. Moreover, he grew up getting better and better at the sport and decided to later teach boxing to teenagers around the same age when he started to box. Knowing this, I’m very excited to get to know him more because I feel like we will be able to relate in many ways. Like all things in life, not all things are perfect. Although Joel did have many highlights during his boxing career, there were some down sides to it. Specifically, injuries. Joel suffered through a reoccurring hand injury to his left wrist. He said that those times were quite tough for him because all he wanted to do was get back in the gym and train even though he knew he couldn’t. Moreover, when he was fully recovered and ready to go he trained hard and felt the fittest he’s ever been. He told me that sometimes a little break is good for you. Listening to his stories, I felt like I could relate to him because of the injuries that I have suffered through soccer. Which is one of the many reasons why I’m very excited to begin working with Joel. In addition to this, I can already tell that Joel has a good and wide sense of wisdom that I’m intrigued by. Considering I have only seen him once I can’t fully portray his wisdom in words yet. However, I know there is lots to come in the upcoming future. Moreover, I think that Joel has really opened my eyes to the world in front me. Now although we are still taking about boxing, there are many behind the scene moments that take place that relate a lot to life and the world we live in. For example, when you lose a round, a fire builds inside of you and you want to win it back (prove to yourself you can do it). This type of situation happens a lot in our daily lives such as, when you receive a grade that you’re not necessarily happy with, you owe to yourself to get it back. In addition, I think that Joel has taught me a lot already and like I said before I can’t wait to spend the next 5 months with him. Some of the things that I have learned from him already are to always work hard and never be satisfied because there is always room for improvement. In regards to me being a mentor, I have learned to really connect with the student and try to relate because it makes the whole process of teaching and mentoring the student that much easier and more enjoyable. To conclude, the next five months are about to begin and I am itching with excitement for my end result.

See you all at the end of long road ahead!