In-Depth Post #3

We are getting closer and closer to In-Depth Night and I honestly can’t to see everyone’s hard work and dedication pay off! As most of you guys know by now, this year I chose to study and learn how to box. It’s funny, before I chose boxing I initially was going to learn how to play piano. After one try I knew that it wasn’t for me so, I decided to go into a category I actually enjoy and can learn in 5 months. That is when I chose to learn something from the family of sports. Moreover, I have never regretted that decision because I am just loving boxing. My progress is going absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to keep improving and learning more and more skills and techniques. Thanks to my mentor Joel, I love going into the gym and working so hard until I can’t move anymore. He has definitely gave me a new love for the sport and I’m so thankful to have him as my mentor. Furthermore, I am currently going into the gym once a week for about 2 and half to 3 hours at a time, however, I am planning on splitting the time up between two days once my schedule opens up a bit more as I also have soccer at the time. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to keep learning and training hard!

I always look forward to seeing my mentor, Joel because he always brightens my day and I always learn so much from him. During our “mentor sessions” I think what is going really well for us is that he always gives me feedback on how I am doing. He is constantly telling the things I am doing right as well as the things I can improve on which I appreciate a lot. These things help because then I know what to focus on next time I am in the gym. Another thing that is going well for us is that he is always prepared on what to say and usually stays on topic the whole time which makes the session short yet effective. Overall, I’m happy with how things are going so far and I hope that my ship continues to sail smoothly!

Even though everything is going as planned so far there is always room for improvement in everything. Particularly there are 3 main things that I think need improvement during my mentor sessions. First, I would like to feel a bit more comfortable around my mentor and more relaxed because I always think that is important in a coach or mentor in this case and player relationship. Second, I need to start asking more questions and be more confident around Joel. I think it is important that I don’t feel the need to hide anything from him considering I am interacting with him for 5 months. Lastly, I think it would help if I understood the sport a bit better. Although I already know how it works, I would like to know a bit more about the background therefore, sparking up new questions I can ask him if I feel the need to. Moreover, by using those three strategies I think everything will continue to work well for Joel and I.

Just talking about these strategies won’t do me anything unless I actually have a plan on how I plan to improve the mentor sessions. Therefore, I have come up with a mini action plan to help me improve my interactions with my mentor, Joel. First, I plan on making the meeting a bit longer so I ┬ácan keep getting to know him better and better and therefore, I will be able to feel more comfortable and relaxed around him. In addition to making the session longer, it will help us find more things to ask questions about boxing and not boxing related. Finally, I plan to research the history and background of boxing as I think it will help me understand the language of the sport when Joel is talking about boxing. To conclude, I’m excited to put my action plan in action and improve the little things between our mentor sessions. Moreover, I hope that everyone is going through an excellent experience with their mentors!

Talk to you guys soon :)

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  1. Watch the use of the word “things.” What do you mean each time you sue this word? Great plan of action with specific strategies in mind.

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