In-Depth Post #4

WOW! Here we are again! It feels like just yesterday that I was addressing my progress to you. Looks like that’s what happens when you’re working hard and having fun. Nonetheless, I am here to talk about my progress and questions that were assigned for us to answer.

Eight weeks in and my progress is still consistent and smooth. I learn something new every session and I have definitely improved quite a bit during the last couple of weeks. I’m not going to lie though, the last couple of weeks have also definitely been a bit more challenging however, It feels great to know that even though training may be getting harder I always want to go back learn more and more skills. Already being an athlete, some movements come naturally to me however, there are some movements that can get a bit difficult at times such as dodging and ducking punches or kicks. Lateral and up and down movement come quite easy for me as I already use them when I play soccer. Moreover, my kicks and punches have improved technique wise and Joel says that they will continue to improve over time. I’m still going in only once a week either on Tuesday or Thursday for about 2 hours which is more than enough time to learn and improve on my skills and techniques. I should be meeting with him again sometime next week to talk about my progress and area of improvement.


1) The most difficult mentoring challenge so far has definitely been finding time to meet and talk face to face about my progress and area of improvement. This is because, we both have very tight schedules that it makes it hard to find a day where both of us are free to meet for a couple of hours or so. However, we both put in equal effort to meet at least once a week even though it may not always work out. However, when we do meet, Joel and I talk about a lot and we get to know each other better and better each time which has definitely helped with our communication and our comfort around one another.

2) Despite not always being able to meet with Joel, the relationship that we are building and forming is definitely going well. Even though he his supposed to teach me boxing, when I meet with him I also like to talk to him about me and my life because it helps me become more comfortable and relaxed around him. For example, If I need some advice for school I’ll ask him and he will give it to me which makes me feel like I can trust him not just as a boxing mentor but as a life mentor too.

3) I think that time management could be working a bit better because I would like to be meeting with him every week and ensure that we do so because I think that it is important to see him at least once a week outside of the gym to talk about my progress and improvement. To make sure this happens, the next time I see Joel I’ll make sure to talk about our schedules again and see if we could meet once a week outside of the gym to talk about my progress in boxing. Skyping or talking on the phone could also be an option if meeting somewhere cannot work at all.

Well, that is it for me. Until next time, TALONS!