Husband Farmer: #Farmerforlife

Hello all! I am a farmer, as my wife likes to call it low class I like to call it the towns base for food. My wife and I take our jobs very seriously and we work long and hard to farm our crops. You may think that being a farmer is easy, but let me tell you it’s tough. Being the good man that I am I try and let my wife take breaks so she doesn’t drain herself out. Not to mention the amount of complaining I have to deal with before I even let her for a break. Ugh women. Anyways, since the king thinks that everyone is made out of money he decides to raise the taxes on merchandise. Moreover, that puts us farmers in a pretty bad position considering we have to now raise our prices on the crops. By doing that, it limits the number of sales we get, making our pockets empty. It’s one thing to mess with the prices but it’s another thing to mess with a man’s crops. Long story short: my wife and I are furious. How do they expect us to make crops if we can’t even make a living? On top of the fury comes fright. Without food, comes some hangry people towards us. What if they burn our crops, or destroy our home or end our lives? This now becomes a matter of life and death. All I can say now is that us farmers stick together and we aren’t going down without a fight.

One thought on “Husband Farmer: #Farmerforlife

  1. Hullo Farmer Frank!

    I promise you good man that you are not alone in your struggles. Never give up your deserved will to fight, never give up on hope. Join my madmen and I assure you that I will lead you into liberty and towards cheaper bread!

    -Jacque Roux

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