Farmer Frank – before the fall of the Monarchy

Howdy y’all! Me again, just a farmer living my life one crop at a time with my beloved wife. The fury continues to rage between us and the government. The lack of customers is becoming frustrating and these beautiful crops that we have worked hard on are going to waste by the minute. I mean just cause the King gets to eat whenever he wants doesn’t mean the rest of the country can. Without affordable prices, the people can’t buy food from the bakers which means the bakers won’t be able to buy food from us which means no money and no food. Like honestly we’ve had it up to here with the king! Just kill him already!!! As my wife says, it’ll make a great party … for the farmers at least. Most people want the king dead from what I hear. Other people think it’s a bad idea because apparently there is this revolution thing happening?? what ever that it is, it can’t be that bad right? Either way it should be the most excitement I’ve had in a long while. I mean pulling crops all day is really only fun after the first day, I’ve been doing this for 10 years.

Anyways, if this revolution thing is actually happening I say let’s fight! No one messes with my crops and family and gets away with it. My bet is that we are gonna kill this so called king and get our country back! Most importantly get our money back … I mean crops! It’s about time that us farmers take a stand and take back what’s ours. Anyways, I have to go … accidentally ran over my wife’s foot! Till next time!

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