Farmer Frank – The French Resolution

DING DONG THE KING IS GONE! I know this is a pretty bad thing to wish on someone but hey, he deserved it. I could run the country better than him and that says a lot. Now that the King is dead my worrying is ALMOST over. That is because there is this thing called the Reign of Terror and that is also bringing some trouble back here at the farm. Once this terror stuff is over my worrying will be over and I’ll be able to live a happy life with my crops … and my wife. To be honest with you, the revolution for us was fighting with the bakers … looks like the King got most of the blame. Well, that is not really our fault, we did our part .. we did what we do best, Farm. And that is all anyone can really ask of us. To us, when this Reign thing is over it’ll be the last implication or event that declares the Revolution to be over. For most of the Revolution, we were safe … it is only until this Reign of Terror was introduced that kind of worried us. We hope to be remembered as the brave farmers who stood by their counrty and wanted to rule it all at the same time. Ignore those bakers who talk smack about us … they couldn’t do what we do if a shovel came and hit them right smack across the face. Yup I went there. All in all, it is so nice to see my wife smiling again … we can live a good life knowing that the worst of the worst is over and we can go back to loving our crops and suppling this counrty with all their food and being the base of the counrty. Cause remember y’all are nothin without us farmers in the picture.
Well I think I’ve said it all. It was nice filling you guys in on what us farmers go through in life and it’s time that you start showing some respect! k thanks :)

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Farmer Frank

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