In-depth Learning Centre

In-depth is right around the corner and I for one am very excited to show off my talent. These past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to train and meet up with Joel as I’d like to due to other commitments and my busy busy schedule. However, when I did train it was successful as I begin to brush up my skills that I have learned over the course of these past months. I can’t believe that in-depth is almost over as I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has been a great experience for me and I can’t wait to pick and learn a new skill next year.

Moreover, for my learning centre I have decided that the most appropriate setting for it to be in would be the gym considering that I am doing something that involves athletics so I believe that gym is a appropriate area for me to set up my learning centre in. Furthermore, I plan of borrowing Jamie’s punching bag that Eric used during the night of the notables. Along with table that will have my boxing gloves, helmet, and shoes for display. In addition, I will also have a poster board of information about boxing and some action pictures of me training by myself. I hope for my learning centre to look appealing and engaging. I want many people to be attracted to it as I want as many people as possible to look at my progress and development throughout this process. Originally I was going to be demonstrating all the things I’ve learned, however, I will need to inspect the stability of the punching bags and I also do not want to be a distraction to other learning centres. Although if a parent, or student, or teacher ask me to demonstrate a skill I will be more than happy to show them a few punches or kicks. For my poster board, I plan on having more pictures than words as I don’t want to bore people with a whole bunch of writing.

To conclude, I am very excited for this night to come so that I can finally show off my skills and progress to everyone waiting to see. It is crazy to think that 5 months ago no one knew anything about their skill that they are experts at now! It is unbelievable to see everyones passion and love for what they are learning during this in-depth study. Like I said before I am excited for the big night and will continue to work hard until then 🙂