Library Post – SFU Trip

One by one the days go by and time literally just flys right past me. Distracted by English, Science, French, or whatever assignment TALONS has got me doing, Eminent has somehow found its way at the bottom of my list! However, I refuse to let that happen anymore! I am determined to make this speech the best speech I have ever written and it is all going to start with this library post.

On Thursday October 30th, both TALONS classes went on an adventure to the beautiful campus we call SFU to explore and experience campus life as well as, trying to find extra information about our eminent people in the gigantic SFU Library.

On that trip, I was seeking for any books I could find about my eminent person and campus life experiences and what it is like to become a university student. I unfortunately did not find any books about Dana Hussein, however, I am continuing to research her daily and finding new information about her and her background story which I find to be a very interesting and complex part about her journey to become an Olympian. Although I didn’t find any books about my eminent person, I did indeed gain many different campus life experiences that added to the field trip. Such as, seeing and observing certain and specific study areas that students gather to study or “hangout”, I also experienced the way the university functions; how students go to class and so forth, and I also experienced the overall student life that students try and promote. For example, there were many flyers and posters all around the campus that advertised different clubs or teams to get involved in. As well as, tables all around the campus advertising clubs and teams. This makes me really excited to become involved in my future school that I go to.

During this trip, I took many pictures with my phone that captured a lot of what I thought was very interesting about the campus, the museum, and the library. I also talked to my peers about each part of the day to share and express ideas and how interesting everything was at the moment. Going to SFU really made it real that we one day will be graduating and heading to university and I am glad that I have somewhat experienced what a normal day would be like.

In SFU, I would say that I learned more about the student life then I did about my eminent person. For one, I never found any books or anything about my person and two, I was really focused on how campus life is because I am very excited to become and university student and live the “uni life”. The theme of the trip for me was to explore the campus and the way campus life is and I believe I accomplished that theme of the trip. As for the next step, I want to start focusing on my interview because I know that the interview may be the hardest part of this whole trip. However, I am excited for the challenge and I know I will be learning more and more about Dana that will add to my speech! Thank you for reading my post, Talk to you all soon! :)

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