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Hey guys! So, I’m slowly starting to freak out about Night of the Notables and having so much other things to do has really not made my life any easier! However, that is life and soon enough it will all be over. Moreover, for my document of learning I have to decided to throw out a draft of my speech! After long hours and endless tears of stress I finally got the chance to sit down and write one of the most important speeches that I’ll ever write. So, here it is!


Gunshots, I still run

Car bombs, I still run

Gunfights, I still run

Politics, I still run

Run down track, I still run

Beat up runners, I run harder

I’m a girl. So what? I still run

I run because I want to and I won’t stop because I have to. I love this sport too much and because I have ambitions, passion, and desire I will always run. I run to escape, to be free. I run to show that nothing is impossible. Doubts, laughs, lack of support … it’s what fuels me. My energy, my passion, my desire, my ambition comes from the “she cant’s” and “she wont’s”. But I can and I will always run for me and for my country.


I tried to write this speech as motivation. Dana is very self motivated and she is one of the most determined people I have ever come across. She truly believes that nothing is impossible and has inspired me a lot! Dana has made me realize that when I think it might be “the end of the world” there are people out there in the world, like her, going through worse. The fact the she has so much passion and ambition living as a female athlete in Iraq is really what proves her eminence to me.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts and feedback, I’ll be more than happy to reply to everyone. Thank you and hope everyone enjoys it! :)

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    • Thank you Crystal for the feedback! Expand in what kind of way? I was considering it as well just didn’t really know in what way. Thanks again! :)

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