Surprisingly enough, there were actually a lot more articles and information about Dana than I expected. I really benefited from all of ┬áthem with additional dhepinformation that I had during my learning centre, with my speech, and with my blog posts. I also watched some short videos on YouTube about Dana. One has an english translation and the other one is in Arabic which I got my mom to help translate the parts that I did not understand. Nonetheless, here are all the sources I used for my information during this year’s eminent person study.


– ┬ájust general information about Dana,28804,1819129_1819134_1826062,00.html

– this article talks about some adversity she went through and few accomplishments

– here are some quotes I was looking at to help me get a better understanding of the type person Dana was

– this article talks about when Dana was again allowed to participate in the Olympic games after Iraq was disqualified due to political reasons

– these two articles talk about the obstacles she goes through on her training ground


– both videos are about her love for running and a little bit about she does

– also talk about her personal life and little bit about her


– just simple pictures I used in my blog posts

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