The Myths of Leadership

Below, I have the seven responses to the seven myth of leadership questions I chose to answer:

Myth 1) A unique skill that I possess is my competitive edge. I think that this edge helps motivates my peers to continue to do better and to always aim high. Personally, I know that I always look to get better at what it is I am doing and I believe that my competitiveness passes on to always aim high and strive for more.

Myth 2) I am currently learning how to lead through the TALONS Program which also gives me plenty of opportunities to lead in and out of the classroom. Examples like adventure trip planning and committee work help my communication skills, organization, and assertiveness when developing my leadership skills. I also have a handful of opportunities to lead with my soccer team. This also helps with my communication skills as well as helping me how to lead by example.

Myth 3) When I lead, I aim to always be confident, positive, and helpful to ensure that majority of the people follow me. When being lead, I look for the same thing this is because I can feel better about who I’m following and it also makes things much more pleasant when you are being lead by an individual who is confident and positive.

Myth 4) When having a discussion, I feel that is always important to hear what everyone has to say for the reason that if we only listen to one person we only get one perspective rather than 4 (quads). When talking to my quadmates I always ask if anyone else would like to add anything to add to the discussion to make sure that I am giving everyone an opportunity to speak and voice their opinions.

Myth 5) I believe that when one does move up in an organization, the weight of one’s responsibility increases. Personally, I witness this frequently during sports. When becoming a starter on the field your responsibility as a player is to do your job on the field whatever that may be. Of course you are going to make mistakes, however, it is how many you make and if it is always the same error as strikes the coach with doubt. Conversely, as a non starter it does not mean that it is time to slack off. The starters must continue to work hard to remain a starter.

Myth 6) I believe that I am capable of achieving anything if I put my mind to it. Specifically in Leadership, I know that I am capable of becoming a stronger and more confident leader by always taking opportunities to lead and improve my skills as a leader. Reaching my full potential would be being able to lead a group in an organized fashion confidently. It also would be perfecting my leadership skills where there are just minor bugs to fix here and there.

Myth 7) We all have dreams and ambitions, the percentage of all those working out? Not very high. However, that most definitely suggest that you just drop leading all together. Leadership is an important trait to have for many jobs and opportunities that might open other doors for you in the future if you continue to work and develop as a leader; and who knows? Maybe after all that hard work you may become a CEO of a company or an organization.   

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