The Challenges of Leadership

Challenge 1) When put into a stressful situation I do my best to remain calm and attempt to talk through the problem or whatever it may be that is causing stress. By remaining calm, it helps me keep my cool and to view the situation in a stress free way. On the other hand, If I were to be panicked and flustered it would make matters worse and it wouldn’t be the best way to deal with the tension in a stressful situation.

Challenge 2) I know as a leader sometimes we maybe unaware that we are leading ineffectively so, in those types of situations I try to suggest ways in which it the leader can be effective. It is also helpful when you have a solid relationship with you leader as it can help when trying to add value helping them with their weaknesses but also appreciating their strengths as well.

Challenge 3) Change is good. It helps us adapt to situations we are not comfortable with and step into our courage zone. Personally, I feel like I react to change fairly well. For example, Waleed and I came from a middle school outside of the Gleneagle catchment meaning that we were forced to adapt to a new school with new friends and whole new school lives. However, with this change I developed relationships with new people and new teachers. This change also helped me become more flexible around people I didn’t know to make and build friendships with others. For the future, I think that I can try to talk to more people without the same interests as me to build connections with other types of people.

Challenge 4) I tend to focus more energy on the production of the product rather than the promotion because if you produce a quality product it will promote itself. Rather than working so hard on promoting an item that is thoroughly worked on making the promotions useless. For example, when watching advertisements on TV and you see a product you like due to all the great promotions but the product is nothing like the ads then you are less likely to trust their promotions. Where as, if the product was better that the promotions you will remember it next time you want a certain product.

Challenge 5) Getting that W as a team is a always a rewarding feeling especially when you put in all that hard work. I am familiar with the feeling playing a team sport and all. Although individual praise or recognition is always nice, we all worked together as a team to achieve the main goal. Personally, I think that when working with a team you win together, lose together, and work together.
TEAM : together everyone achieves more

Challenge 6) Personally, I believe that it is important to always help others in achieving greatness because it feels good and you learn a lot. Relating to the fulfillment challenge, when you help an individual with their goal or vision it feels like a team effort which I always think is great because 2 brains is always better than 1.

Challenge 7) Caring about your team is definitely one of the keys to success. As a member on a soccer team I know that encouragement and motivation is the one thing that can change the game entirely when fighting through adversity. Asking about my teammates and encouraging them is how I show that I care about my team.

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