In-Depth Post #2

Wow! Week 3 already! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and let me be the first to tell you that this has been nothing but fun for me so far. My mentor and I are making great progress and the additional help I am receiving from home is also very helpful. When learning new language patterns, phrases, letters, and writing skills I am able to practice at home with the reassurance that I am performing the skills correctly, which has been very helpful throughout these past couple of weeks. The language of Arabic is very fascinating and the more I learn the more I love my heritage language. Learning how to read and write has also helped me comprehend and speak the language more efficiently. Maysa, my mentor and I have been going through the letters and basic words to get me rolling. She has also been teaching me about the letter combinations and how some letters’ orientation might change due to different combinations with other letters

the Arabic alphabet

for certain words. She has also been teaching me about the Nuqta which is the tiny dots that go below or on top of the letter to distinguish which letter it is since many letters in the Arabic alphabet resemble each other. Furthermore, in the next couple of weeks I hope to have the letters memorized and beginning to write out more complex words and maybe begin to put phrases together. With the extra help I have, I know I can push my limits to learn as much as I possibly can in the next 5 months.

Below, I have my answers to the concepts in How to Have a Beautiful Mind that were discussed in Ms.Mulder’s blog post:

In terms of How to Agree, there has been a lot of difficulty of choosing a specific day and time for me to meet Maysa. This is because of my busy and full schedule. Being involved in high level soccer, TALONS, and currently basketball for the school we haven’t yet set a regular day to meet since my availability varies. However, when we do see each other, I provide her with my schedule for next week so that we can arrange a day that we both agree will work. We also discussed that once basketball is over, we believe we will have more options as practices occur almost everyday for basketball. We also agreed on talking about upcoming months as well, since I will be travelling for a few days with my soccer team. So far, the cooperation has been good on both sides and we have dealt with the problems in a very beautiful way; without any concerns or troubles.

Now, in terms of How to Disagree. Considering Maysa has loads of experience over me, she usually decides what we will be focusing on for each lesson. Since we are not too far into this year’s In-Depth, I have not disagreed with any of Maysa’s decisions. Moreover, as the study continues, I hope to start picking the lessons for day because of certain skills I may want to brush up on and improve on before In-depth Night occurs. However, for now, I have not yet found something to disagree with and I will not be looking for it for the sake of disagreeing. I truly appreciate all of Maysa’s work and I will continue to follow her lead until I see something that I absolutely cannot stand.

Lastly, I will address the concept of How to Differ. Maysa and I both think that it is very important to know how to read and write your heritage language as it helps with family, distant family, and family friends. It is also important so that you can hopefully pass it on to further generations. This is something that I agree with because I believe that your heritage is apart of you and it is sad to lose something so close to you. Like our disagreements, our opinions about the present haven’t differed much either. I trust her decisions and so far everything seems to be working out. I’m sure in the future there might be things to discuss; however, for now I am happy with my progress with my mentor and more importantly my work.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week! Stay tuned :)

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