In-Depth Post #3

With each day passing by quickly and counting down the days to In-depth, I thank myself for picking such an intricate yet fascinating skill to learn and master. Learning more and more about Arabic everyday has made regret not starting this before. I have completely fell in love with learning and getting better with this language. As well as, being able to step out of my comfort zone and try things that I usually wouldn’t try. Being a high level athlete, I find myself much more inclined to choose skills that are more athlete/activity related; however, I am so thrilled that I gave myself the opportunity to try something new and develop skills that I was not aware I possessed. When I am with my mentor, learning Arabic, I feel relaxed and loose just like how
I feel on the field, making the experience that much better. On the note of my mentor, Her and I have been connecting very well and I feel myself progressing all the time.

In the past two weeks, I have mastered the alphabet and I am almost perfect with writing them all out using the Nuqta correctly and in the right position. I am able to put more and more words together and identify them as well. In relation to this, I am able to sound out words very well and read basic sentence even though, I may not know how to scribe them yet, by knowing the letters my reading will become better with practice. In these next two weeks, I hope to being able to put basic sentences together and to have the alphabet mastered on and off the paper. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, having my family to help me when I get stuck is a big bonus for me as I am able to progress faster each and every week.

Learning all this information can also be overwhelming, that is why I try to ask many clarifying questions on how to make my life easier when trying to learn such an intricate and elegant language in just 5 months. Whenever I meet with my mentor, Maysa, I always try to ask her at least one question that will benefit me for the next time. For example, I know that I am struggling a little bit with the Nuqta and where to position it on certain letters; so, I asked Maysa what are some good strategies that will help me remember where the Nuqta goes and begin to come to me automatically? She responded giving me suggestions on how I can improve. Some of the suggestions she supplied me with were: keep writing them out until the skill becomes automatic, make small flash cards of the letters that you are having troubles with, or to write out words that involve the Nuqta and see if I can place them in correct spots. All these suggestions have helped me get better and become more automatic with Arabic.

Arabic overall has definitely been an interesting process and learning it has been great. Constantly learning new things and getting better is my definition of interesting and I couldn’t be happier with skill I chose.

I hope you enjoy reading this week! 🙂 See you all back in a few!

2 thoughts on “In-Depth Post #3

  1. Nadia:
    Do not forget to incorporate aspects of my post’s topics into your post. This week’s topics from de Bono’s book are: “How to be interesting” and “How to respond.” What are some of the more challenging characters and why? How do the characters work in terms of the sounds and meaning they represent?

    • Hello Ms. Mulder,
      Characters such as “ba”, “taa”, and “thaa” are an example of tricky characters as the shape of the character is the same in each one but the Nuqta is positioned in a different position on each character. Characters in the Arabic alphabet are all sounds, there is no such thing as “letters” rather they are sounds and those are sounds you use when learning how to read the language. Furthermore, the way a character sounds is how it will mostly likely sound in the word. For example, the character nuun has a “na” sound which is why my name is pronounce NA-DI-A. Concerning the beautiful mind, I did state the topics; however, it was indirect. So, for next time I will try to make sure that you know when I am referring to the beautiful mind.

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