What’s Next?

Where Have We Been?

When I look at this question, I interrupt it as where have we been as a civilization. For example, before we were born … before anyone was born for that matter, our civilization started from tiny little organisms, into larger animal with opposable thumbs, to us: the dominant species, humans. with technological advancements we as a civilization were able to evolve into the world we live in today which. Many advancements and improvements we have made have happened recently comparing to the time of evolution and with these advancements we have been able to reach to where we are today.

Where Are We Going? 

Although the question above strikes me more as civilization and the evolution of man (or woman), this question makes me think about technology. This is because when I think about where we are going, I think about where are we going with the next technology update, product, or software. I believe that right now we are advancing at an incredible speed with the tremendous help from technology which makes me always wonder and think what’s next? Will these technological updates benefit humankind? Harm humankind? Or is this it? Are we going to reach a plateau where we no longer evolve? Where there is nothing more to invent? However, these questions also raise cautions as to what if it is all going to fast? Will the rapid evolution of mankind suddenly stop and be the end of us? All these questions raise interesting discussions about predictions of what might happen in the future, however, these questions will all remain unanswered until that time comes in our life … whenever it may be.

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