Growing Independence

Being Canadian is one of the most rewarding feelings a person can feel. Our beautiful provinces, scenes, and people makes living in Canada a great experience each and everyday. In Social Studies 10, one area of study is the confederation and the growing independence of Canada, which is the topic of the article I chose to discuss.

“Growing independence from Britain and early struggles between the provinces and the federal government are hallmarks of this period.”

This quote was taken out of the article I chose to discuss. It talks about the process of Canada’s independence from 1867-1931. Since we focus on the years of 1815-1914, I mainly focused on the

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1860’s-1910’s part of the article. This included the British North America Act in 1867, Ontario’s win over Manitoba regarding the western part of the province in 1889 ]Canada (Ontario Boundary) Act], and the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865. I chose to discuss this article because I feel that it is important for citizens of their country should be educated and aware of the importance that comes with Canada and its road to being Canada. Before, I never thought about why are here? Or why we celebrate Canada on July 1st? However, just from reading this article and discussing certain issues in the classroom I have begun to realize how important Canada really is as well as, thanking those who fought in World War I to give us the freedom we have. Learning about these milestones in Canadian history has allowed me to relate to the questions we discussed in class and over blogs “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?”

This article highlights the PLO (Prescribed Learning Outcomes) in the Governance section in the Social Studies 10 curriculum. PLO C2 talks about the confederation of Canada and its province and territory development. This article I felt helped me understand a good portion of C2 ; however, I am itching to learn more about the beautiful country we live in and widen my knowledge about its development as a country whilst obtaining all PLO’s.

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