Long Live the French!

As a proud politician of Lower Canada, I Louis Joseph Papineau promise not to let you down during this journey of ours. I refuse to let one person dictate the way we do things forever. I want to give you the chance to give your opinion on your province and your country. It is your country and one person has no right to decide everything for you. After being elected in 1815 to be the speaker of the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada as well as, the leader of the Lower Canadian political party, Parti Canadien. I want to settle things between us and the English (Upper and Lower Canada), therefore, my push for having the general public contribute to our society adding their thoughts and opinions. After constant declines of many different offers that were just trying to shut me up, I knew that simply “trying” was no longer good enough if I wanted to protect the French.

Upon many years later, we had finally received approval from the Legislative Assembly regarding the 92 resolutions that my party and I proposed to them. After the resolutions finally reached Canada a few months ago, ¬†frustration broke out in all the British People and had brought us in British colonies reforming everything we could. I was determined to protect the French and strip the Brits from their power. In addition, my good friend George Etienne Cartier helped us successfully defeat a British group in the battle of Saint-Denis, we could see the light that was freedom from the British. Although defeating one force, we weren’t too confident in being able to defeat the next two groups. With me having to leave Montreal, it only made matters worse and more worrying. The last thing we needed was to be captured by Governor, Lord Gosford. However, being in the Legislative has its positives, I am lucky enough to know a guy who goes by the name of Wolfred Nelson, a co-member of the¬†Patriotes.¬†I was able to find a place to stay after I left Montreal. I am worried, yes, but I don’t fear the British. I believe that we can defeat them and continue our rebellion and achieve our goal of freeing the French. I’m passionate about my people and I promise that I won’t let you down. I promise that you won’t regret electing me!

Louis Joseph Papineau


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