Indepth blog #6

I should start off by saying that I apologize for missing the last post. The things and tasks that I have been doing and my schedule lately have really taken over so I apologize, however, I’m thrilled to share my progress with you this week on my In-depth.

Even if I wanted to criticize myself right now I wouldn’t be able to, I am so happy with my progress thus far. The intricate language of Arabic is an amazing one indeed and I am so proud to call it my heritage language. Its delicate and intricate characters make you appreciate it that much more. The high level of complexity can get frustrating, yes, however, once you understand the concepts, it become easier to go about your tasks with the language. I love meeting with Maysa and getting to constantly widen my knowledge on something so close to me. Even though I never had the chance to learn and grasp the reading and writing of Arabic as a child, Maysa and my family have showed me that is never too late to learn. As long as you want to, you can and I cannot wait until I am able to showcase my learning during In-depth night.

Now moreover on to my progress. I am reading more and more fluently. It has become easier for me to differentiate the characters and their orientation in different types of words. I am also improving my nuqta positioning however it is something that I continue to struggle with because it is something you kinda get the hang of over time and people who are fluent obviously comes easier because they know the alphabet and which letters do contain the nuqta whereas I am always learning. Adding in from De Bono, the Nuqta is a concept that I struggle with but will continue to focus on as the weeks go on. I have seen a large improvement in my writing and reading and I will hopefully be able to show you my progress in three weeks! Adding more of De Bono’s thoughts, I had ran into an unfortunate situation last week. I originally meet with Maysa on either Tuesday or Thursday after school and sometimes both. However, last week I had the basketball banquet at the school on the Tuesday we were supposed to meet. The banquet is when we celebrate each team’s season and hand out rewards to the deserving players. Being the captain of the junior girls team I knew that I had to attend and celebrate with my girls. So, I informed Maysa and she gave me an alternative. Since my mom is fluent in Arabic as well she gave my mom the stuff we working on to teach me that week since we could not afford to miss a week of learning. I was very happy that I was able to find such a convenient alternative to my problem and continue my learning of Arabic.

Thanks for reading this week and I’ll be back soon to report my progress once again! 🙂



Nadia in Arabic (right to left)

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