Final Address

Hello all, I stand in front of you today to share the good and the bad that has come with my life. 4 years have passed since the merge of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, and the Atlantic Provinces into what is now know as Canada. Yes I am sad that we did not get entirely what we desired, however, I am happy with myself and where the French have come now. I am sad because I knew that everyone wanted equal rights and to not be able to continue what I started was disappointing to see. One problem though … No voice! No one to step up and have the courage to voice their opinions and fight for what they believe … And that my friends is the difference between you and me. I made sure that the British knew that the French weren’t going to let everything go. After my exile in Paris and America, I was re-elected in parliament and the French-Canadian representatives and I had many seats to work with. It was our goal to make sure that the French had a voice and that if we do fight for our rights and our culture we will achieve great things! And that is exactly what happened. French being name the second official language of Canada … I couldn’t be happier with the influence I created to make this all possible. I feel great about what I accomplished in my life. Yes I hosted a rebellion that failed but I came back stronger than ever ready to fight and voice our rights and beliefs. I know that I can die happy knowing that I made a difference, a change, and a memory. As my father would say, long live the French, forever and always!


Louis Joseph Papineau

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