In-Depth Blog Post #7

Wow 3 weeks until the big night! I can hardly believe it. Everyone’s hard work is finally about to be showcased in front of parents and students to see. I personally cannot wait for in-depth night and what emotions it will bring me. Like Night of the Notables, I hope it is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve had in a while … academically. I usually feel them when I play soccer but not as much in the classroom that is why I’m ready for the night and am eager to see what it brings to us. It’s about time for everyone to just show off what they got and amaze us all as per usual and I cannot wait until in-depth night arrives so that I can share that success with my peers.

Over the past few weeks I’ve really been cramming and working hard in trying to grasp and understand as many concepts as I can. Concepts such as mastering the nuqta, memorizing and understanding the orientation of letters in words, and just getting more used to the flow of the writing style. Yes, it can definitely be difficult at times but that is the only way to get better. When I push myself in something I am passionate about I strive and put all my energy into it. I have loved everything about my In-depth this year but I mostly enjoy that it is different from my regular routine. Usually it’s school, soccer, school, soccer but with Arabic classes I can almost turn my mind off all of those things and just relax and really embrace what I am learning at the moment. It’s been a great journey thus far with my mentor, Maysa and I couldn’t be more thankful for her.

This week I decided to touch on De Bono’s points about interruption and attitude. Now thinking about my personality I know that when I have something to say I want to shout it out right away before I lose my train of thought. So with that being said, I have definitely interrupted our conversations before, however, it isn’t a rude interruption. She was teaching me about the letters and a question popped into my mind so I asked right away cutting her off. I know that can get annoying at times, but, I know that Maysa knows its only because I want to learn more in a shorter amount of time; therefore, it was justified because the question I asked was relevant and useful to my learning. She later resumed her thought after answering my question. Next I’ll talk about attitude. Now attitude plays a huge role in my life whether it be in school, sports, or family. It’s always important to have a positive outlook on everything so that you can take everything that you take on and finish and perform to the best of your ability. Obviously that is not always how things may be. You may be having a bad day and things might not be going your way and that perfectly fine … everyone has those days; however, it’s how you bounce back that defines your personality and character. Furthermore, I think I portray more of the explorer attitude whereas Maysa portrays more of the constructive attitude. I think this because I am constantly asking question and wondering about new concepts to learn and she always lets me go above and beyond what I need yet in a constructive manner. She never hesitates to tell me when I’m wrong and it’s something that I’ll always appreciate because that is the only reason why I have had so much success.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see y’all soon 🙂


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  1. Your mentor has been amazing. What and how are you going to share a snippet of your learning at in-depth?

    • I am thinking of writing out a little bit about myself in Arabic as well as display the different characters and numbers on a separate sheet. Along with the writing about myself I will also have it in english to show the comparison on how different they both are. That is the main idea I have and a few details left to fix in my mind; and yes she is amazing. Thanks!

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