B2: Document of Learning

During the last couple weeks of this term, Social Studies has really caught my attention and interest in the topic that we are currently learning about, the Indian Act. This right here has got to be one of the most revolting things that I have ever heard a country do and the more and more I learn the more and more I find it hard to believe. As I have mentioned in class before, most if not all countries have had a rough past so I shouldn’t really find it hard to believe; however, the thing I find shocking is that it is never talked about. We Canadians go about our days as if nothing like that even ever occurred and to think the last residential school was only shut down in 1996.

When I think about all the things that draw me into this topic I think about the shock factor number 1 but also why was “killing the indian in the child” the target? Why was that Canada’s way of dealing with the Aboriginal Peoples? The British ruled and controlled the schools and everything that happened which has been the main theme in respect to our past units. During the Canadian Confederation, the British ruled everything and everyone. Yes, the French rebelled and so did the tribes but the British ultimately controlled most of it until Canada finally became a dominion and allowed the French with their rights. If we look back on all the rebellions and debates that went on during that time we can easily say that the British dominated majority defeating Papineau’s and Mckenzie’s rebellion in a matter of days.

This unit has been anything but boring. I find myself constantly wanting to more about our country’s history and all the details behind it. It has all been interesting to me but if I were to put my finger on one thing it would be the torture. Now this is not because I think that it was the right thing to do to the children but because it something that is hidden in Canadian history and society. If we think about USA and all their history we can easily name 2-3 things that has happened in regards to the United States. Examples include: the war with Iraq, 911, president assassinations, etc. Personally from my family, Iraq is also another country that has had a rough history with Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, the Gulf War, and the war with United States. The questions I have with those examples are why are we never talked about? I know we didn’t necessarily partake in Wars and extreme violence but it doesn’t make what we did right. Doesn’t it all make us the same? Aren’t we all just as bad as one another? I find it disgusting that this type of act and behaviour is under Canada’s name but what’s done is done so why aren’t we learning about this and raising awareness. Citizens of our country think that the Aboriginal Peoples get all their benefits because “they had the land first” no one is informed that yes they had the land first but they were also tortured and killed before any benefits were given. It’s important for us to realize why our country functions in the way it does and to take that information and make sure we do good with it as we are the future of the Country.

I hope to continue my research about this topic and ask more questions in class, I know I might not get all the answers I am looking for; however, I’ll be closer. Then, when I start to generate more ideas and questions off my previous questions I know I have answered my questions. Moreover, I want to know why? I know it is a vague question but, I want to know why the need for this type of torture? Why are we not faulted for our past? Why are we still looked upon as the one of the nicest nations out there? All relevant questions that I hope to learn more about and answer within the next few months of Social Studies 10.

Last, this PLO and unit of study relate to other areas of the curriculum in PLO’s A1, A2, and A3. We have worked with all these PLO’s during class when talking about the Indian Act with the constant questioning, and critical thinking. We have also expressed our thoughts on paper with mind maps, flow charts, or notes, which all meet the PLO’s of A1, 2, and 3. I also think that PLO B1 has a connection to do with our current unit of study in the way of the government’s role in forcing innocent kids and their families to undergo such traumatizing torture.

To conclude, I am excited and interested to learn more about the Indian Act and Canadian history as well as, finding as many answers as I can to as many questions as possible. Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

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