Document of Learning – Political Narrative

The first aspects that I look at when examining a country is the goverment and how they portray themselves to be; in other words, identity. I find these two narratives to be the most compelling because I feel like they are what build the country into what it is or what it can be. For a country to be successful and united it needs to be lead by leaders who are team players and who are willing to give and take. Someone who just thinks about themselves is not a leader. A leader is a person who thinks about others first and without that type of mentality at the top of our pyramid the citizens suffer the consequences from taxes and other fees that need to be paid. Identity is also a compelling factor to me because a country’s identity gives a sense of belonging between the citizens and their leaders. A country’s identity defines who they are and who they aspire to be. All countries want to be looked at positively; however, in reality we know that may not be the case due to the crime and justice law and enforcements in the country. Crime and justice law and enforcement is about keeping the streets and community safe from sexual predators and murderers by cracking down and imposing stricter restrictions against offenders.

Although I don’t agree with everything The Conservatives are “fighting for”, I believe that they portray the identity narrative the best when focusing on the crime and justice laws. The Conservative Party want to keep offenders in the jail cell longer and keep as many off the streets by improving the security at the Canadian borders. the reason why I agree with The Conservative party on this part of their campaign is because I think that Canada is too soft on criminals and are being let out just like that. Criminals are being bailed out and released back out onto the streets after committing murder to another human being. Personally, I don’t feel safe about that and it just isn’t right and fair to the innocent citizens that have to suffer the consequences. Although the Liberals and NDP both care about the community and keeping it safe, they aren’t as discipline about it. For example, the Liberal Party believe in strong punishment for offenders but they don’t think that sentencing alone is sufficient to keep our streets safe. My question is, what is sufficient then? If the Liberals aren’t willing to crack down on criminals how do they except us to feel safe on the streets. I find it way to easy for criminals and sexual predators in court and that is why I think the Conservatives portray the identity narrative the best because I know I can feel safe in my community.

Now like I said before, I do not fully agree with the Conservatives in anything they are campaigning for; however I believe that they have the right idea about being tougher on crime in Canada.