Unit 2

Eating Healthy

Eating right is a very important factor in my life that I value greatly in my daily diet. As an athlete, it is important for me to eat right and balance out my meals in order for me to fuel my body with all the necessary nutrients it needs to perform at its best all the time. As we all know, living a healthy diet may sometimes be rather challenging and receiving the right amount of servings each day may be difficult due to either time and or lack of food in your house. However, by using Canada’s Food Guide it can help you grab healthy and quick snack if you’re in a rush as well as, give you many alternatives if you do not eat or have a certain food. This way, you are still getting the essential nutrients your body needs for physical and mental well-being.

Communication can make a relationship healthy or unhealthy.

Communication is vital in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship, whether it is with a partner, friend, or co-worker, communication is key. Your communication skills can affect many things such as, how you solve problems, how you resolve conflict, and the level of trust you generate in your relationships. A lack of communication can result it confusion or misunderstandings which could lead to an unhealthy relationship. In my opinion, communication is the most important part of a relationship because without communication, you would not be able to connect with your partner or friend. Therefore, not being able to build trust or connection with the person. I do my best to ensure that I have good communication with my family, friends, and teachers to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Specific reasons or causes for bullying. Positive or negative solutions?

I believe that bullies bully others for many reasons such as, the need to be in control, wanting to fit in, or not being able to express their emotions in a civil manner. However, I feel that the main reason why bullies bully is because they themselves have been bullied or are going through tough times in their own lives that others may not be aware of. By bullying others it helps the bully release anger or sadness out of their system. Although the bully may not always mean to hurt the other person, they can’t control their own emotions so, they lash out at others. I think a positive solution would be to reach out to the bully and talk to them. Help them express their emotion through words and not violence. Personally, I know that talking it out always help my feel better.

Root causes for teens to participate in the use of drugs and alcohol.

Although many teens use alcohol and drugs to feel good and on top if the world, I believe that the one root cause of starting alcohol or drugs is wanting to fit in and be “cool”. Firstly, just because your friends say drinking or smoking is cool doesn’t mean it is. Drugs and alcohol are not cool and can actually be detrimental to your health and well-being. Although peer pressure can be rather strong sometimes, I assure you that you won’t regret saying no. Another root cause of teens’ beginning stages of starting alcohol and drugs is a troubled home environment. Teens may be emotional drained from what is happening at home and may want to escape reality by drinking or smoking. Personally, I have never tried drugs or alcohol and I don’t plan to. This is because, soccer and school are very important to me and I would never do anything to jeopardize those two things.

The most effective way to avoid STI’s.

The most effective way to prevent STI’s is simple, don’t have sex. Although you may think that the person you are having intercourse with is infection free, you may not always know if they are infected or not. In fact, most of the time the person infected with a sexual transmitted infection is not aware and may pass it on to someone else without knowing. That is why safe sex is important at a young age. Using latex condoms, getting a vaccination, and not sharing underclothing are good way to prevent someone from getting a sexually transmitted infection. In my opinion, I think that teens should not be having sexual intercourse before marriage because it’s not worth putting yourself in danger of getting a sexually transmitted disease over a random guy you met at a party.


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My Word

Determination can have many different definitions to many unique individual perspectives. However, to a person like myself, determination means to devote my heart and soul to one or many things in my life that I wish to strive in the future. Even though I have struggled with keeping myself dedicated and discipline when attempting to devote myself towards the task, the determination of always wanting to improve and be the best that I can be never changes. I agree that dedication and discipline is a big part of being determined, and without it individuals would not be able to teach themselves self-discipline, therefore, not being able to keep yourself determined to your task. I will admit that self-discipline has been a big time struggle for me and I do tend to occasionally become complacent or “lazy”. This experience of struggling to be self-discipline has taught me that in life, you don’t ever receive anything, you always have to get up and work for it. Nonetheless, life is a learning experience and for someone like myself I have learned from my mistakes and I have improved on being more self-discipline by creating schedules for myself to keep motivated and more and more determined each and every day. The word determination means a lot to me because it has gotten me where I am today. I have achieved many things I am truly proud about, however, I would have never been able to achieve them with out keeping myself discipline, motivated, dedicated and most important of all determined.