#Talonsconfed – Exile

I thought we had done it! Finally! We beat the British and we were on our way to freedom. However, the glory didn’t last for long. Shortly two days after, the British countered and defeated our troop. My reformers, the Patriotes were all gone, 1350 arrested and 99 dead. I was devastated but I knew that the French were still looking up to me. I couldn’t disappoint; however, I was forced to flee to New York and was situated in Paris, France shortly after. I couldn’t believe that we were defeated that easily. I was worried and scared. The British now have control while I’m here stuck and unable to return to help my people, I thought to myself. I had to find a way back home as soon as possible if I wanted any chance for the French to be involved in the government. I strongly believe and will always believe that the culture and language of the French-Canadians must always be preserved and I will not stop fighting until we are equally respected. Furthermore, I was lucky enough to be able to have my wife with me; however, she left in 1843 and returned back to Lower Canada. That is when I began to spend a lot of my time in the large archival repositories, where I would read and copy documents that relate to us ruling in Canada. Even away from home, I was determined to keep the French alive. I refuse to live in a country where we are not allowed to voice our opinions and thoughts. We have rights too! The French will dominate and I plan to be a big part in that. I was finally granted permission back into what they now call it The Province of Canada after 8 long years in exile. However, I didn’t feel entirely ready to go back yet. I wanted full amnesty from the colonial government as well. So, I spent some time in Italy and Switzerland before returning to Montreal.

After returning back to Montreal, I was an elected member of the new united Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. I had a major disagreement with the emerging French Canadian Liberal Party, and I became an independent member of parliament. You see, while I was in exile I was convinced by a strong republican who persuaded me to support the Montreal Annexation Manifesto that called for Canada to join the United States of America. This would help Canada market our goods, ensure the security of our people, and help provide finances that would help develop the West, however, the British American League strongly opposed this idea and the Montreal Annexation Manifesto eventually died out. Here I am today, 1850. Still fighting for the French and the beautiful language and culture it has to offer here in Canada and I will not give up until I am done fighting.

Louis Joseph Papineau



Long Live the French!

As a proud politician of Lower Canada, I Louis Joseph Papineau promise not to let you down during this journey of ours. I refuse to let one person dictate the way we do things forever. I want to give you the chance to give your opinion on your province and your country. It is your country and one person has no right to decide everything for you. After being elected in 1815 to be the speaker of the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada as well as, the leader of the Lower Canadian political party, Parti Canadien. I want to settle things between us and the English (Upper and Lower Canada), therefore, my push for having the general public contribute to our society adding their thoughts and opinions. After constant declines of many different offers that were just trying to shut me up, I knew that simply “trying” was no longer good enough if I wanted to protect the French.

Upon many years later, we had finally received approval from the Legislative Assembly regarding the 92 resolutions that my party and I proposed to them. After the resolutions finally reached Canada a few months ago,  frustration broke out in all the British People and had brought us in British colonies reforming everything we could. I was determined to protect the French and strip the Brits from their power. In addition, my good friend George Etienne Cartier helped us successfully defeat a British group in the battle of Saint-Denis, we could see the light that was freedom from the British. Although defeating one force, we weren’t too confident in being able to defeat the next two groups. With me having to leave Montreal, it only made matters worse and more worrying. The last thing we needed was to be captured by Governor, Lord Gosford. However, being in the Legislative has its positives, I am lucky enough to know a guy who goes by the name of Wolfred Nelson, a co-member of the Patriotes. I was able to find a place to stay after I left Montreal. I am worried, yes, but I don’t fear the British. I believe that we can defeat them and continue our rebellion and achieve our goal of freeing the French. I’m passionate about my people and I promise that I won’t let you down. I promise that you won’t regret electing me!

Louis Joseph Papineau


Farmer Frank – The French Resolution

DING DONG THE KING IS GONE! I know this is a pretty bad thing to wish on someone but hey, he deserved it. I could run the country better than him and that says a lot. Now that the King is dead my worrying is ALMOST over. That is because there is this thing called the Reign of Terror and that is also bringing some trouble back here at the farm. Once this terror stuff is over my worrying will be over and I’ll be able to live a happy life with my crops … and my wife. To be honest with you, the revolution for us was fighting with the bakers … looks like the King got most of the blame. Well, that is not really our fault, we did our part .. we did what we do best, Farm. And that is all anyone can really ask of us. To us, when this Reign thing is over it’ll be the last implication or event that declares the Revolution to be over. For most of the Revolution, we were safe … it is only until this Reign of Terror was introduced that kind of worried us. We hope to be remembered as the brave farmers who stood by their counrty and wanted to rule it all at the same time. Ignore those bakers who talk smack about us … they couldn’t do what we do if a shovel came and hit them right smack across the face. Yup I went there. All in all, it is so nice to see my wife smiling again … we can live a good life knowing that the worst of the worst is over and we can go back to loving our crops and suppling this counrty with all their food and being the base of the counrty. Cause remember y’all are nothin without us farmers in the picture.
Well I think I’ve said it all. It was nice filling you guys in on what us farmers go through in life and it’s time that you start showing some respect! k thanks 🙂

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Just a farmer living his life one crop at a time

Farmer Frank

Farmer Frank – before the fall of the Monarchy

Howdy y’all! Me again, just a farmer living my life one crop at a time with my beloved wife. The fury continues to rage between us and the government. The lack of customers is becoming frustrating and these beautiful crops that we have worked hard on are going to waste by the minute. I mean just cause the King gets to eat whenever he wants doesn’t mean the rest of the country can. Without affordable prices, the people can’t buy food from the bakers which means the bakers won’t be able to buy food from us which means no money and no food. Like honestly we’ve had it up to here with the king! Just kill him already!!! As my wife says, it’ll make a great party … for the farmers at least. Most people want the king dead from what I hear. Other people think it’s a bad idea because apparently there is this revolution thing happening?? what ever that it is, it can’t be that bad right? Either way it should be the most excitement I’ve had in a long while. I mean pulling crops all day is really only fun after the first day, I’ve been doing this for 10 years.

Anyways, if this revolution thing is actually happening I say let’s fight! No one messes with my crops and family and gets away with it. My bet is that we are gonna kill this so called king and get our country back! Most importantly get our money back … I mean crops! It’s about time that us farmers take a stand and take back what’s ours. Anyways, I have to go … accidentally ran over my wife’s foot! Till next time!

Husband Farmer: #Farmerforlife

Hello all! I am a farmer, as my wife likes to call it low class I like to call it the towns base for food. My wife and I take our jobs very seriously and we work long and hard to farm our crops. You may think that being a farmer is easy, but let me tell you it’s tough. Being the good man that I am I try and let my wife take breaks so she doesn’t drain herself out. Not to mention the amount of complaining I have to deal with before I even let her for a break. Ugh women. Anyways, since the king thinks that everyone is made out of money he decides to raise the taxes on merchandise. Moreover, that puts us farmers in a pretty bad position considering we have to now raise our prices on the crops. By doing that, it limits the number of sales we get, making our pockets empty. It’s one thing to mess with the prices but it’s another thing to mess with a man’s crops. Long story short: my wife and I are furious. How do they expect us to make crops if we can’t even make a living? On top of the fury comes fright. Without food, comes some hangry people towards us. What if they burn our crops, or destroy our home or end our lives? This now becomes a matter of life and death. All I can say now is that us farmers stick together and we aren’t going down without a fight.

Document of Learning – Christopher Columbus

As you may have heard before, History is the memory of states and what we remember or read about History is different to everyone. Moreover, as years pass historians find missing puzzle pieces to place in the big picture, or the big idea. I belive that History is interpreted and will always be interpreted in many different ways and there is really no wrong way to look at History. This is because no one really knows what went down back then as nobody was present at the time of Christopher Columbus. To add on, my question is not about Columbus but about the Indigenous groups he encountered on his voyage to find gold. Although the Indigenous groups were not a threat to Columbus in anyway, they were still killed and taken advantage of. In relation to this, why were the Indigenous groups so kind and generous to Columbus if they looked wealthier and more of a threat to the them?


The picture above shows that right away the Indigenous groups did not hesitate to greet and welcome Christopher Columbus and his crew. Even though Columbus had weapons and a huge ship, the Indigenous groups felt that it was in their need to show hospitality towards Columbus and his crew members because they had no food or resources. Moreover, When the Indigenous groups helped Columbus, they became very vulnerable and were easily taken advantage of. After Columbus realized he could control the Indigenous groups, he captured them as his slaves or killed them and stole all their food and resources. For what? Nothing, the Indigenous groups did nothing to harm Columbus; in fact, they helped him, and were repaid with the worst treatment anyone could have endured. Which leads me back to my question of why? Why such cruel behaviour over people that posed no threat to you? In the end, this question will always remain unanswered because of the lack of proof and witnesses yet, we all have our own inferences that may or maybe correct but still unknown.

The reason I chose to ask a question about the Indigenous groups is because when discussing the book Howard Zenn wrote in class, I felt that the Indigenous groups were in the background and that we didn’t get a full explanation on why they were so generous. Now, I am aware that it is part of their culture however, it will always remain unclear  to me. Moreover, I think that even though the Indigenous groups were ranked a lower class than Columbus, Columbus had no right to treat them so poorly after they helped him. In addition, in our world today “Aboriginal” groups are still looked as below everyone else which I think is very wrong because we are discriminating people we don’t even know. To conclude, I believe that everyone should be treated equally in life because everyone has rights and it is our duty to respect their rights.

I am really enjoying these in class discussions and I can’t wait for more to come 🙂